Avirich Distribution’s mission is to be the most advanced, comprehensive and trusted partner for worldwide enterprise solutions.
We work with our reselling partners to provide customers with the best-of-breed technical solutions, uncompromising technical support and significant return-on-investment.

Solutions→Mobile Testing

Testing accounts for almost 50% of all software development. Therefore, it is very important to reduce testing costs and improve effectiveness through automation, so it is also an important issue to decide which testing tools to use from the beginning of the project.

TotalTest is a unit tester, defect management, and operational service management (real time monitoring) for mobile applications.


Solutions→Enterprise Application Analytics

ChangeMaster is a comprehensive application analytics solution, supporting structure/ dependency/flow analysis and quality/vulnerability inspection.
Providing an optimized architecture for accurate analysis of large scale applications it includes:
– Change history management
– Dynamic documentation
– Code quality / vulnerability inspection
For complete application governance.


Solutions→Situational awareness

Improving visibility has become a priority for managers of networks and the people who use them.
This product has introduced a solution that focuses squarely on the situational awareness
problem. First and foremost, it is designed to deliver a visibility capability that promotes improved
secure productivity in the workplace, not by limiting what users can do through the use of preventive
technical controls, but by monitoring their activity in performing day-to-day tasks on the network, capturing context-rich data that can be leveraged to make improvements where needed without imposing heavy-handed, broad-brush changes that slow the pace of business.


About Us:

Avirich was founded in 2017 in order to help bring to market excellent technical solutions for the enterprise market.
With a combined experience of decades in the security, network and development field, Avirich’s founders have a unique insight into the needs of both product vendors and enterprise customers, and this understanding helps us provide resellers with excellent product, uncompromising technical support and assist the vendors in finding new markets for their products.

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